Garth Brooks Reveals the Name of His Upcoming Studio Album

Garth Brooks just wants to have fun.

On his Inside Studio G series on Facebook Live on Jan. 21, the G-Man revealed his upcoming studio album will be titled Fun.

“We’re just going to call it Fun,” said Garth. “There it is. That’s all it’s going to be. It’s just been a fun thing to go through, a fun process to go through . . . especially being off from touring where you don’t have to worry about if your voice is going to be able to go in for sessions or not. You just get to go in when you want. So, this has been a fun experience.”

Garth has already debuted two songs from the album, including current single, “All Day Long,” and “Stronger Than Me,” which he performed at the CMA Awards. Garth expects the album to drop this spring.

“We’re going to probably wrap it up this week,” said Garth. “Maybe one more session after this week, but I think this is going to be it for us as far as cutting stuff. So, [it] should be out probably sometime this spring. But we’ll get exact dates coming to you pretty soon.”

photo by Tammie Arroyo,