Watch Clare Bowen Let Go of Fear in Video for Cleansing New Single, “Let It Rain”

Clare Bowen’s character Scarlett O’Connor found herself in the middle of plenty of drama during her six seasons on TV’s Nashville. With the release of her self-titled debut album on July 12, Clare will ditch the drama in favor of harmony.

The 35-year-old Australian native is giving fans the first taste of the new album with the release of lead single, “Let It Rain,” a soulful anthem about surviving life’s hardships and letting go of fear.

“‘Let It Rain’ is about my gratitude for life’s lessons, no matter how hard. I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this without them,” says Clare. “I believe that everyone and everything we encounter in life, good and bad, leads us to the place and person we’re meant to be. Even when we bugger up real bad, because mistakes are how we learn to be better versions of ourselves.”

Directed by Clare and Tyler Barksdale, the video for “Let It Rain” is an exploration of finding the beauty in life’s scars. The new clip, which you can watch below co-stars the singer as well as her husband and a few of her close friends.

photo by Tammie Arroyo,