Russell Dickerson Drops Alluring New Video for “Love You Like I Used To” [Watch]

Russell Dickerson dropped a new video for his current single, “Love You Like I Used To.” The tune, which is the first sample of new music from Russell’s upcoming sophomore album, serves as a love letter to his wife of six years, Kailey.

“The beginning of this song is intentionally different from me,” says Russell. “It makes you think it is a breakup song, but it is really a lead up to how great loves evolve and get better over time. Like all of my songs, I’ve lived it. I started dating my wife 10 years ago, and it is true—I don’t love her like I used to, and I think a lot of people will be able to relate to this song. It’s a really special song that I’m crazy proud of!”

After topping the charts with “Yours” and “Blue Tacoma” in 2018, Russell scored his third No. 1 single with “Every Little Thing” in November 2019. All three of Russell’s No. 1 songs are featured on his 2017 debut album, Yours.

“The video is such a perfect visual for this song,” says Russell. “Love changes as it grows, you have to work on it, but it’s worth it—it gets better and better with time. We had a lot of fun shooting this video in both Palm Springs, California, and here in Nashville. It was the first time we’ve used actors and actresses in a video, which was a completely new and fun experience.”

Watch Russell’s new video for “Love You Like I Used To” below.

photo by Curtis Hilbun,