Top-Ranked U.S. Figure Skater Starr Andrews Performs Routine to Mickey Guyton’s “Black Like Me” [Watch]

Top-ranked U.S. figure skater Starr Andrews, 19, performed a choreographed routine to Mickey Guyton’s powerful new ballad, “Black Like Me.”

Co-penned by Mickey, Nathan Chapman, Emma Davidson-Dillon and Fraser Churchill, “Black Like Me” addresses racial inequality in America—delivered with soaring vocals from one of the few minority artists in the country genre.

Starr, who is among the best U.S. skaters, is currently ranked No. 19 in the world by the International Skating Union.

“Hi, my name is Starr Andrews, and I wanted to thank Mickey Guyton for singing this wonderful song, ‘Black Like Me,’” says Starr in her new video of the performance. “It inspired me so much that I just had to skate to it. This program, choreographed by Derrick Delmore, honors the struggles that African Americans have and still are enduring.”

Watch Starr’s routine below.

photo by TCD