Virtual Happy Hour with High Mark Distillery

High Mark Distillery presents…..THEIR VERY FIRST Virtual Happy Hour…..This Friday….with the KBUL Moo Crew!!

High Mark Distillery Cocktail Kits:

Are you thirsty?

Want a delicious Cocktail, instantly?

But you just don’t want to run to the store for a bunch of mixing ingredients?

High Mark Distillery has got your thirst covered!

Our new “Booze Boxes” make 2 large cocktails, and include a Small Bite of something delightful that pairs perfectly with each Cocktail of the Week.

All Spirits are made in-house at High Mark Distillery in Reno.

All Cocktail Ingredients are grown locally.

All Small Bites are created fresh by local Reno Restaurants.

It’s about sharing the American Spirit, you all!


Each 1st and 3rd Friday of the Month, High Mark Distillery will host a Facebook LIVE Cocktail Party on KBUL 981, and you are invited!


There will be a “Secret” Celebrity Guest at each Virtual Happy Hour Party! A Country Musician, a Chef, a Comedian!


Cocktail Kits are the very decent price of $15 for 2 large cocktails! And enough treats for two! Just add ice!

Then sit back, sip, and enjoy the Celebrity entertainment.

What? You don’t live in Reno? No worries. We can Ship you and your friends a few Booze Boxes anywhere in America!

                                                                                                        Then just Log onto KBUL981  Facebook Live at 7:00pm PST and join in the Fun with all of us!