Chris Young Always Has Time for a Little Boyz II Men Sing-Along

What happens when Chris Young hears a Boyz II Men song?

He sings along of course!

Chris is a huge fans of the group, “I mean, I’ll tell you one of my favorite bands growin’ up — and even goin’ outside the genre — one of my favorite bands or groups was Boyz II Men. And you want to talk about bein’ the masters of having a great love song, they were amazing at it. So, I think whenever I try to listen to a love song, I’m like, ‘Would I put it up there with what they did? Would I put it up that high? Would I rank it up there?’ And if I do, then it’s gotta get cut on a record.”

This weekend while hanging out with his “Famous Friends” Chris shared a little impromptu moment where he did his best take on Boyz II Men’s “On Bended Knee.”

Check out the video here, which Chris shard with the message “Hey Boyz II Men… I gotchu #sing”

Photo Credit: Jeff Johnson LR