Gabby Barrett Is Following the Footprints to Her Live From The Goldmine EP

Next week Gabby Barrett is releasing a live experience EP called Live From the Goldmine — which was captured during the launch event last summer for her album, Goldmine.

Gabby says, “My Live from the Goldmine livestream was a highlight of my year last year. It made me feel closer to y’all during such an uncertain time. Sooo I’m sharing the live recordings of these songs with you as the Live From The Goldmine EP on March 16th!”

The seven songs fans can look for on the new EP include…

  1. “Footprints On The Moon”
  2. “Rose Needs A Jack”
  3. “Jesus & My Mama”
  4. “Thank God”
  5. “The Good Ones”
  6. “I Hope”
  7. “Goldmine”

Along with her smash hit “The Good Ones” being included on the new EP, leading up to the March 16th release of Live From The Goldmine, you can check out “Footprints On The Moon” right here…

Photo Credit: Robby Klein