Chase Martin Finds Her “Forever + 1” Thanks To Her Sister’s Wedding

Chase Martin‘s new song “Forever + 1” was inspired by her sister’s wedding.

Chase says “All of the songs I write are close to my heart, of course, but ‘Forever + 1’ is just beyond special to me.” 

Chase walked in a writing session with Phil Barton and Joe Fox with the thought that she wanted to create a very personal song for her sister’s big day.

Chase shares the story, “When I went into my co-writing session in Nashville that day, I just wanted to write a song for my sister’s upcoming wedding that would leave her with lasting memories on her special day. Who knew it would become my next single?!”

She adds, “I wanted the video to be simple and just really showcase the song, so we had me sitting in a dive bar singing it, just me and a piano – the original way the song was written. The video crew made my exact vision happen and they were such a blast to work with.”

Check out the music video for Chase Martin’s “Forever + 1”

Photo Credit: Julia Cox